Meet Wallace


Wallace Gillespie

A few years ago, while Wallace was listening to two friends talk about how they expected to care for their parents, he realized two things:

  • First, very few of us understand how our healthcare insurance works and
  • Second, even fewer of us understand how healthcare works for retirees (what this couple was “assuming” would be done for their parents, wasn’t going to happen).

Wallace recognized he had recently overheard several conversations where someone was planning on healthcare resources that weren’t going to do for them what they “assumed”. It was then that he grasped the need for seniors to have an advocate that would work for them!

Under his professional license, he represents you to the insurance company rather than the other way around (like an employee of any insurance company must). As a result of this “independence”, he has no bias as we review your needs. His existing clients have discovered…

  • Some meetings result in simply learning how to get more from existing coverage.
  • Some meetings result in lowering healthcare costs without giving up benefits.
  • And some meetings result in increasing benefits without adding cost.

Whether your needs are

  • Healthcare, coverage or cost-related
  • Protection for your family if you should die or become disabled
  • Protection from many of the costs of the common challenges of aging that we all face
  • Simply achieving peace-of-mind from protecting what you can’t afford to lose

…His commitment to you is to see that each time you work together, you are better off than before you met… at each and every meeting.

Wallace is a lifelong resident of East Tennessee and has raised his family in this community. He’s been married to his lovely wife for forty-five years and they have two handsome and successful sons and an outstanding grandson. He attends church regularly, serving as the chair of finance for the three recent years, and serves as an adult Boy Scout leader. He is motivated by helping people attain a more comfortable and healthier life. He also majored in music at the University of Tennessee. Wallace is licensed by the state of Tennessee and certified by dozens of insurance companies that provide market-proven high-values to Tennessee residents.

He is looking forward to meeting with you very soon; there is no cost for your consultation.

Contact Wallace anytime at:
Cell (865) 309-5525
Toll free (877) 690-8401 (9:00 – 5:00 M–F)
eMail: [email protected]